#OpenToWork - Senior Frontend Engineer, React specialist, 100% full-time remote roles

YourStory Media

YourStory Media

Apr 20 - Aug 20

Bangalore, KN

Software Development Engineer

Yourstory.com is the largest media-tech company in India for startups, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and changemakers. During my stint in the YS, I worked as a front-end engineer. YourStory has been the most prominent startup ecosystem builder in India, hosting over 220 events across YS Meetups, TechSparks, MobileSparks, and SheSparks.

My work started off with implementing landing and listing page features for its YS TV. I worked with a few versions of it and was heavily involved with A/B testing of the landing page. Once the landing page was done, I started working with revamping the search feature using algolia. It involved a lot of refactoring and learning algolia on the fly. The work was rewarding because I could achieve ~20% less turnaround time for the search with some clever use of caching and API optimizations. In this part of the job I was heavily involved with the backend team to get the improved searching.

My third set of work involved a new user profile page. By this time, Covid-19 had started and more and more people started to collaborate in the platform and the user base was exponentially growing. We had to revamp the user profile section and also we had to engineer this without breaking anything. I carefully managed to implement the new look and feel. This time around I heavily used tests to make sure nothing breaks for the new merge and collaborated with the devops team to implement a new CI/CD pipeline to the front end.

  • Implemented a visually stunning redesign of the story search page leveraging Algolia's robust search capabilities, resulting in a significant ~30% increase in monthly page views.
  • Revamped landing and listing pages for the YourStory TV feature, driving a ~50% increase in organic search traffic and a ~25% rise in conversion rates, leading to significant revenue growth.
  • Transformed the user profile page by implementing a modern design, resulting in a 40% increase in user engagement and a 20% decrease in bounce rate.
Tech Stack
React, Redux, JavaScript, Redux-Saga, Algolia, Github, Jira, Confluence, Slack, Github