#OpenToWork - Senior Frontend Engineer, React specialist, 100% full-time remote roles

Hello 👋🏻, I'm Roger Jacob

Design-minded Senior Frontend Engineer (Outliant) building beautiful solutions.

I'm passionate about front-end engineering with 6+ years of experience, bringing a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving to every project. My background in physics combined with a Master's in Computer Application fuels my drive to craft intuitive and impactful software experiences.

With React as my playground, I've honed my skills in core principles, reusable components, and state management. I'm comfortable with Redux and utilize libraries like Next.js, Bootstrap, and Chart.js to ensure rapid development and tailor-made experiences.

A firm believer in collaboration, I thrive working alongside diverse teams, leveraging open communication and a collaborative spirit to turn ideas into reality. I'm a continuous learner, currently delving into GraphQL and pursuing an AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate to expand my skillset and create user-centric applications.

If you're looking for a passionate and collaborative front-end engineer to contribute to your team, connect with me today!

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Roger Jacob
6+ Years

Frontend Development Experience

2200+ Hours

Worked Since Apr 2021

4+ Years

React Development Experience