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Roger Jacob

Roger Jacob

Senior Frontend Engineer

🎂   05 October 1992

🏠    Kottayam, Kerala, India

Who am I? 😎

I am Roger. I am a software engineer and I specialize in front-end engineering. I hold a bachelor's in physics and master's in computer science. I just love great software experience and I love to build them even more.

I live in Kerala, the southern part of India - a great place to live. Besides programming, I love listening to music & watching thrillers. I also love cakes and cookies.

My journey into programming started during my bachelor's. Early on we had some C fundamentals and boy I was hooked. Soon I got a chance to maintain a website of a small local business, which gave me the starting point of the web and little pocket money in my college days. But things didn't stop there, As I learned things faster, I started to work with more clients locally and abroad. By my final year of my bachelor's, I had a pretty good grasp of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. These events have indeed made my choice of career easy. As I completed my bachelor's I had no doubt what to do next. I chose a Master's in computer application and I further improved my understanding of the web, programming, networking, and security.

Covid changed work forever. Most work will never be the same, at least in the IT industry. Most of the companies moved to remote, but I had recognized the change even before and I had already moved remotely. I had been working remotely since my college, so I am not new to this and I am quite experienced in the new environment. Do I like it? Yes, I do. I think the combination of remote and office would be really great for IT and I am ready for the next adventure.